Beeswax Butter


Bee’s Wax Butter



No matter how well made, wooden Cutting and Charcuterie boards require proper maintenance to last and without regular treatment they will dry out, crack, and can even begin growing mold on the surface. Wood River Crafts own made Bee’s Wax Butter penetrates the wood surface with a wood preserving oils and seals the surface with water repelling beeswax, helping cutting boards last for generations.

Our Bee’s Wax Butter is 100% Food-Safe and free of toxins and synthetics, made not only for new boards but also great for reconditioning existing boards. It will leave your board with a rich looking finish. Our Bee’s Wax Butter will not only highlight the natural wood tones but will protect by repelling any liquid or food residue left on the board after using.

After applying let dry for a few minutes to let the Bee’s Wax Butter do its thing and then buff. That’s all there is to it.

Size: 2oz


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