Wood River Crafts

I have always had a passion for making things out of wood with my own hands. I would see things in stores or magazines and would feel as though I could make those things myself and make them better using real wood and save money at the same time.

I started by making things for family and friends. Their friends and neighbors were impressed and would call to have me make them the same thing. Eventually what began as a hobby led to starting a small woodworking business.

The other passion I have is fly fishing and fly tying. I started making fly tying tables, cabinets to store fly tying material and tools to help make fly tying easier. This also led to getting requests from fly fishing friends and I started making things for them.

I take pride and get pleasure in making things for others and hope the items in this web site will bring pleasure to those that purchase them.

Contact me if you have any questions or want to discuss customizing.

-Dave Butler

“My mission is to provide the most top quality, hand made product for my customers.“

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